Domain transferred, but WHOIS not updated

I have just received an email from DH confirming that my .com domain has been transferred from to Dreamhost, but all the WHOIS queries still state the registrar is still 1and1. Also, 1and1 are still allowing me to administrate the domain.

Is there a delay for the WHOIS database to be updated? How long should this take?

Yes, there is often a delay for WHOIOS to be updated, and I have seen it vary from “a few minutes” to “several days.” Others report similar experiences; in my experience WHOIS is usually updated within 24 hours, though I have had it take as much as 72 hours-YMMV :wink:


Yeah I’ve experienced something similar. This is related to the often qouted, “DNS record updates can take up to 72hrs to take effect.” It seems that the SLA (or cache settings) for many servers is 72 hours.

**SLA = Service Level Agreement