Domain Transfer

I have a domain that is still up and running but do not know how to tranfer it to DreamHost. I’ve lost contact with the original person who set up the site. When I looked up the information on “Who Is” it said the site was owned by someone else. Is there someone, or somewhere that I can get help to correct this situation and move my site to DreamHost?

I am a complete novice and need help tranfering a domain to my DreamHost account. I’ve lost contact with the original web developer. My site is still up but when I search a “WHO IS” I find that the site is owned and administrated by someone else. Is there anyone who can help me move my domain to DreamHost? I have tried a couple times to do this myself but don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. At this point I don’t know where to begin. Please help!

Hi jolgray, this article covers the basics of what you need to do:

We can help on this forums if you describe exactly what you did, what failed exactly (what error messages you see), what you expected to happen… Be as verbose as humanly possible so that people on the forum can contribute their thoughts.

You can also try contacting DreamHost Support on and they should be able to provide some guidance, too.

I encountered this problem as well.