Domain transfer

I bought a domain on before realizing what i needed was on a hosting service, so i bought a plan here, but the domain is pointing to when I try to transfer it, it says as a rule I have to wait 60 days.

Is there anyway to move it before those 60 days? or what other options do I have?

When you have a domain, you can change the nameservers to point to any host. You don’t have to use WordPress. Do they have instructions over there on how to do this?

the instructions you are looking for are here:

and the nameservers you want to set are:

once you have made these changes, it will take probably 12-24 hours for propagation to occur. (it could take longer for all locations worldwide.)

Thanks for the replies.
Changing the nameservers will be enough?
Do I have to do something over at dreamhost?
Like… how do I get the domain in my dh domain list?

that will get you up and running. Changing the nameservers will leave wordpress as your Registrar. If you wish to make dreamhost after the 60 days is up, then you can proceed with the actual transfer.

Go to manage domains and click the “add new domain or sub-domain” and add the domain.

“Registrar” (or registration) and “hosting” functions are separate and independent of each other.

If you later transfer the registration, then when you renew the domain at expiration you will renew at dreamhost. If on the other hand you leave the registration at wordpress then you will renew the domain at wordpress.

The thing not to do is to let the domain expire at worpress, and attempt to pick it back up at dreamhost… that won’t work, and you probably won’t get the domain back.

Thank you very much, i thought registrar and hosting had to go together. I got it working now, thanks.

I had an issue with this.
I changed the nameservers of the domain, and it works fine if I type www, but doesn’t work if I do. <-points to <- points to this hosting
Any idea what the problem is?

You can set the www or no www option in the panel under manage domains.

I did set that but apparently i just had to wait for the change, it’s all working good now. thanks for the help everyone, I’m new here and already loving the community!