Domain Transfer

Hi guys,

I recently bought a domain and it’s not through DreamHost, but I wish to transfer it here. I read the documentation but I’m not sure I understood it fully. If I transfer a domain, do I really have to pay for registration ($9.95)? This doesn’t make sense to me as the domain is active for another few months and I’m not buying a new domain, but just transferring it here. Help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

You can only transfer it if 60 days has passed since you bought the domain. And you will have to pay the $9.95, but the good news is that it adds a year to the current expiration date.

@vm10gd – keep in mind that if you already bought your Domain with someone else, and then bought hosting with Dreamhost… you don’t have to move your domain over to DH… simply point DNS to Dreamhost. That way you could keep your domain where it is but hosting is provided by DH. Easy and you’ll avoid new costs… Then when its time to renew your domain, you could reconsider moving it to DH.

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Hello! Thank you for this answer which suits me too! :slight_smile:
But since I’m a beginner with website creations and transfers, could you please explain how you “point DNS to Dreamhost” ? Or propose me a thread that explains it? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sure, wherever you bought the domain, you have to go look for DNS settings (if you tell me where you bought your domain I can probably give you more specifics)… but once you find that follow this:

And you should be good to go.

Thank you so much for you advice Red Wolf! :slight_smile:
Warmest greetings!