Domain transfer

I am following the directions here to transfer my existing site ( to Dreamhost:

  1. I signed up for Dreamhost.
  2. I created a subdomain, and configured it to mirror
  3. I logged into the registrar control panel and changed the nameservers, which reflected almost immediately in whois:


But when I go to my domain, it is not found. I expected to see the “coming soon” page that I put up here:

What did I miss?

You haven’t missed anything. Creating or modifying subdomains just takes a while, as there are a lot of records to generate for that zone.

It looks like it’s finished now, though.


To be clear, has worked all along. But if I go to, I still get a 404 (whereas I expected to see the same “coming soon” page that I put up on the site).

I’m mostly worried that I’ve left in some kind of limbo due to the transfer process.

It looks like hasn’t been set up at all.

Your first post says you want the site to mirror (which isn’t set up). Or did you mean the other way around for to mirror your dreamhosters site (that works)? If your intent is to make your main site, I suggest that you set up as a Fully Hosted Domain and manually upload your dreamhosters content to get started.

I think I got it working. Thanks to everyone for their help. Looks like I had the mirror setup backwards.

Can you go over the details of how you set up your mirror? I can’t tease it our from above.

I have the same task in-hand:
I need to have domain be functional when I set the DNS nameservers to DH’s. However, I have built a site a

To have (a) bring up (b), do I have (a) mirror (b) or (b) mirror (a). Since (b) is a DH account, and (a) is just a domain registration to point to the built site at (b), not sure how I would have (a) do the mirroring.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here’s the wiki article with pretty pictures:

Short version is that you need to build the site at and have mirror the contents of

Thanks Scott, I had seen that article about this.

Problem is I built the new site at and the current live site is still at another hosting company I have no control over. I need to have them change the domain DNS to use, etc., nameservers and have the domain point to the “proto” site now that it’s ready to go “live”.

The example given requires setting up an account at DH and then build another site at and then have mirror I don’t have at my disposal.

Perhaps it means I set up a fake account at DH and set the mirroring and hope it all hangs together when the DNS changes take.

Your last line is it. It will be a fake that’s unreachable by the world, which is why you need to mirror it as Once you get it all figured out, you switch the DNS servers to, etc. and then your “fake” will become real.

Ok, that’s what I was thinking. Do I have to populate the “fake” site, or just set up the mirror and leave it blank?

Thanks for the help.

Your fake site will become your real site. You have to populate it as your dev site. Pretend you’re creating your real site here at And in order to test it, you create as a mirror. A mirror is just an alias for your fake site. There is no FTP directory for a mirror, which is why you need to develop as your real site.

Maybe I really need redirecting then from the “fake” site - mirroring doesn’t seem to meet my requirements. The site is a Drupal site and I don’t want to move it to as Drupal doesn’t really have a migration tool for this and the debugging involved with a manual transfer is extensive. I just have to find a way that when the DNS for gets pointed to Dreamhost that the world sees the site built at as the new

Stick with mirroring. For now, set up to mirror And when you want your site to go live, set up to mirror Actually, you can set up that final mirror right now and it won’t be functional until you set to use the Dreamhost DNS servers.