Domain transfer

I am trying to change my domain name registrar from GoDaddy to
Dreamhost, and have got as far as unlocking domain name.

Dreamhost instructions for transfer requires providing DH with authorization code to be obtained from godaddy’s website. Unable to follow instructions probably because GoDaddy has changed the user interface - can’t get ‘Domains>My Domain Names in the upper navigation bar’.

Godaddy’s instructions on their website are as follows: “After unlocking your domain, you can initiate a transfer with your
new registrar. When you complete the process with the new registrar, we send you an email message that includes instructions for authorizing the transfer away from us.”

In other words DH wants authorization code before they initiate
transfer, and GoDaddy will only provide same after DH initiates

Tried support and got a fast response but it wasn’t very helpful.

Could someone advise how I get around this impasse?


I no longer have domains with daddy, so I can’t test this, but once you get to your domain details at GD, there’s a link on the screen for Email Auth Code.


Yes indeed. I just had my last few left there that were going to expire, and all I did was cancel them and let them go, but I distinctly recall seeing away to get the auth codes emailed to you immediately… it may have been a link within another link, but it is there somewhere even if you have to dig a bit.

I am very glad to be totally GoDaddy free after about 4 years (only domains with originally long regs left… hosting was a few months tops before getting out of there with that)… they really do suck, I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary!

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Thanks for trying but I will now answer my own question :slight_smile:
Needed to click on the domain name link to get to the page where you can request Authorization Code.
GoDaddy’s help article had me fooled.