Domain Transfer


dear all,
this is my situation

1.i have an account in DH, registered using a $97 promo code (account A), sign up for “Crazy Domain Insane” package girl host her blog on our friend’s account also in DH (normal registration account - Account B), domain registrar was on other company
3. we want her blog to move using my account, already done (backup & copy all db and files)

then we had trouble on pointing the domain from my friend’s DH account to my account.
My friend, the owner of account B has deleted all records regarding to my girl’s domain (db host, domain list)
But whenever i tried to fully hosted or mirrored the domain, i always end up with mirrored "Can’t add domain: already in our system."
DH’s wiki said “A Domain can not be setup on an promo plan if the domain was previously setup on our system.”

so what should i do to make it work?
do i have to upgrade my account or something ?


There is no way “you” can transfer a domain this way.

DH does not allow domain transfer between promotional plans (plan using promo codes).

Your case is a bit different. I’ll suggest you to contact DH support. But I personally doubt they will allow that.

Good luck!

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hi patrick,
i did contact them

i have to pay additional $97 as payment for the promo code
then my account will be marked as “nomal” not “promo”

after that, i can do fully hosted the domain on my account after removing the record from my friend’s account :slight_smile: