Domain transfer?

I was bought a domain from tonight and I go to transfer it to my Dreamhost account but it says I can’t do this for 60 days? Why???

You may not be able to transfer the domain registration to Dreamhost for a while but you should certainly be able to transfer hosting of the site over to Dreamhost.

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It’s just a domain. I just need to get my .net to my DH account. I can’t do this for two months?

when you register new domains you can’t transfer them to a new registrar within the first 60 days of the initial registration. that’s the rule for all new registrations, not just with godaddy or dreamhost.

in the meantime, just change the dns for your domain in your godaddy admin to

that points the domain to dreamhost. then add the hosting for that domain in your dreamhost account under “manage domains”, click “add new domain”.

you site will be up and running in no time and in 60 days transfer the domain to dreamhost if you still want to.

In case you haven’t found a way to transfer your hosting to DH