Domain transfer

I currently have a site that is hosted by Yahoo. How do I switch that to DreamHost?

Are you asking about how to transfer the domain itself (registration), hosting (from where the site is served), or both?


Just from where the site is served…well, actually I guess both. What’s the difference between registration and where it is served?

Registration is how you bought the domain name. When you register it, THEN you have to set where the domain is served by using DNS (name) server settings.

Most registrars will also host your domain.


Let’s see if I can’t help a little:


Maps your domain name to the system/systems that provide services.


“renting” servers that provide the services that your registration points to.

The idea is that you register a name and that references a DNS server. Surprisingly that usually points to a DNS server at your HOSTING company.

Now, hosting is where you define where things go. goes to a web server, goes to a wordpress site, goes to the mail server. All of these services are provided by your hosting company.

I hope this helped a little, it really is confusing. It is why it’s convenient to register and host at the same place, but there are reasons why you might not want to do that too.

Good Luck!

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  1. You can just leave the domain registration at Yahoo
  2. Cancel your Yahoo’s hosting plan as domain registration & hosting it are different things
  3. Then subscribe to Dreamhost. Add your domain in DH’s panel.
  4. After that edit your domain’s nameserver to & in your Yahoo’s domain panel.

Hope this helps !


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Thanks All,
All of your answers were very helpful. I decided to switch both to DreamHost.
Thanks again!