Domain transfer?

Hi, quick question…

I am handing a site I maintain over to someone else, and they are going to host it on their own server. I am also transfering the domain name (which was registered with dreamhost) to them. They contacted their registrar and were told that as long as they had the authorisation code, it would be fine. But apparently the domain transfer has failed.

Can someone advise what we need to do to transfer the domain from dreamhost to their registrar? The domain is unlocked… Does the whois info need to be changed? or should the authorisation code be enough?

I’m not going to be a great deal of help, but did you give them the authorization code? They’ll need to enter that over at their end.

There’s also this set of limitations from the Domain Transfer page of the panel:

[quote] * Domains must be “unlocked” at their current registrar or the transfer will fail.

  • Domains may not be transferred within 60 days of their initial registration![/quote]
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yep, I gave them the code.
I also made sure it was unlocked.
and the domain was registered about 11 months ago…

which is why I am a little confused about why it didn’t go through. But thanks for the reply though, I do appreciate it :slight_smile:

Have you contact the support through web panel ?

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You also can’t have anonymous WHOIS info, so if you’re using DreamHost’s Privacy Service, you’ll have to turn it off.