Domain transfer


I’d like to know how to transfer to Dreamhost a domain which maintener state is “NO-PROVIDER-MNT”, since I’ve no access to change nameservers…

If anyone could help it’d be great, thanks


I can’t help but I sugest you to send a msg to pre-sales dept, or sales whatever, asking about it.

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I dont really know what you mean matey with the “NO-PROVIDER-MNT”

But, if your current host is looking after your domain name. The best thing you can get them to do, is ask them who they registerd with, and ask them to pass it on to you.

My host was using – so i made a namecheap account, and they forwarded the domain for me to sort out. That means i can move, change anything i want. DNS etc, it also means you need to be a bit techy. You could email your current host, and let dreamhost sort out your domain, but it means problems if you want to change again for any reason.

Hope this helps.


Presumably the previous ISP for the domain placed it into the no-provider state.

Which registrar is it with i.e. TLD?

You might find some useful information here.

Ideally you may want to email DreamHost directly but they are not registrars so you may just want to pick a registrar like Enom,Godaddy etc and see if they can help.

If you were the previous registered keeper of the domain then the ISP may have outstanding payments on the domain which will have to be cleared before it moves anywhere. Obviously if you were not the previous keeper then that would not apply to you.

Good Luck.



Dreamhost is not in the domain registration business, but you can have it hosted here so why move it? If you need more control over your domain then transfer the registration to one like godaddy which allows you to change the dns to point to dreamhost’s.

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They are actually. :slight_smile:

Maybe he isn’t happy with the current service?

Anyway, if you really want to move the registration to DreamHost, I would suggest contacting your original registrar and explaining the situation. They should then take the required steps for you to transfer the registration.


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