Domain transfer

I registered not long ago a .net domain and now I’d like to transfer here the registration of my old .com domain.
The question is: do I have to pay for this? In this KBase page it’s said that DH “won’t charge you to transfer your domain name”. How come that when I try to move my registration from the old provider to DH on Control Panel > Domain > Transfer I get to a page that says “I will pay $14.95 for the transfer (includes the one year renewal).”?

Any help appreciated.

Oh lord! Please don’t let me be misunderstood.

hmm Maybe you can’t host anymore domains?
I could host 3 domains, I just insert my address (URL) to the domain part in admin panel,
and I goto my domain hosting and change the dns’s to dremhosts and the next day It works…

maybe you exceeded ur domain usage

Transferring a domain registration generally requires a minimum one year renewal. This is true with DreamHost or another registrar. Despite the wording, my understanding is that it is technically not a transfer charge (as what you are paying for is extending the registration one year), but it may seem like one. The only exception to this would be if you have not yet used the one free domain registration that is available under each hosting plan.

There is no charge for transferring domain hosting, assuming you still have “room” for hosting another domain under your current plan.

The kbase info you refer to is under transfering domain hosting. The information for transferring domain registration is here.