Domain transfer, unreachable WHOIS contact address



I’m a new DreamHost customer and in the process of transferring my existing domain + hosting from my old registrar (Dotster).

Dotster offers (paid-for) WHOIS info protection via privacypost, but it turns out that emails sent to that privacypost address are bounced with a “550 unrouteable address” error. (awesome privacy, but not very useful!)

Of course I noticed this after requesting the transfer, so I can’t get the transfer approval email. Is there any way to reset the transfer request, or do I just wait for the request to expire?

I tried just doing the request again, but DreamHost wants to charge me for it (the web form assumes it’s an extra domain) so I cancelled.

What’s annoying is that during this time my website is no longer accessible (and probably won’t be for the next week or two) since I changed the nameservers to point to DreamHost before the transfer…



Support can reset a transfer request, but it still sounds like you have the mail problem. I’ve transferred domains from GoDaddy and had to turn off the privacy before requesting a transfer. Hopefully you can do the same.

It may seem like DH is going to double-charge you, but I expect you’ll end up with a credit for an unsuccessful transfer. Maybe resetting the transfer request will make the credit appear.

If the nameservers point to DreamHost, you can still set up a Fully Hosted domain and the DH nameservers will respond to requests for your domain.