Domain transfer steps

I am acquiring a domain name from a third party who currently has it on a different registrar. Does the following to-do list cover everything he has to do, before I hit “transfer the domain” on ths end?

He has to make sure the domain is ‘unlocked’ at his registrar.
He has to put my info in as the administrative contact (my email? what else?).
He needs to provide me with the Transfer Authorization Code.
He needs to click a link in a confirmation email (within 3 days) which he’ll receive after I put it in motion on my end.

Does he need to change the DNS info on his end? If so, where do I get that info, to give to him?

Thank you.

You don’t really need to change this, assuming the third party already has it set to a valid email address and is willing to approve the transfer when the confirmation email arrives. You can of-course change the WHOIS information via the DreamHost panel once the transfer has completed.

No, he does not need to make any DNS changes. You can wait until the transfer is complete, then use the DreamHost panel to set the name servers for the domain to, etc.


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