Domain transfer - SOA problems


Hi. I tried to transfer my domain (registrant is - slovenian provider) to I added Dreamhost’s DNS to domain DNS as it’s shown in screenshot below.

Few hours later, my domain provider sent me an e-mail saying that my domain is not compatible with Dreamhost.

"ERROR: domain server has not returned SOA entry for domain

INFO: The reason for this is probably CNAME for"

I also tried with the compatibility check link they’ve send me and it states this problem shown on screenshot below:

Since this is my first time occuring this problem, I simply can’t find any solutions for this. Here’s another screenshot that might be helpful.

I hope someone will help me resolve this issue.


Here’s another Screenshot that might be helpful:


We are not able to register .si domains with us here at DreamHost, so you will not be able to transfer it over to us. You can still HOST that domain with us by pointing the DNS to us

Matt C


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