Domain Transfer/Response

I’m working on behalf of a client who I convinced to transfer their hosting and domain from 1and1 to dreamhost since I felt at the time that dreamhost was a good value and pretty problem free. I got them their own account since I don’t want to deal with billing and management of their site in general.

Unfortunately, my client called me today to tell me that their domain has reverted back to 1and1. There’s no indication in their account that there’s any reason for this, and since I transferred the domain back in February, I thought everything was golden and they let their 1and1 account expire. I’m pretty certain that Dreamhost even charged them for the transfer…Unfortunately I’m not getting a very timely response from Dreamhost, I suppose I could pay for a callback on my account, but since it’s someone else’s account I’m not sure how that would work? Maybe one of the board admins or customer reps can clue me in.

So I’m left holding the bag trying to get in touch with 1and1 who are trying to tell me that I didn’t actually transfer the domain, and waiting on some kind of minimal response from Dreamhost.

Who’s the registrar of record according to WhoIs? It’s possible the transfer wasn’t complete (sometimes you have to back and forth a few times with both companies to get things settled).

Also what’re the nameservers? When they say the domain has ‘reverted’ to 1and1, they may mean that registration is on 1and1, but they may also mean that the DNS is pointing to the wrong host. Those are separate, in some regards, as you can keep a DNS at one host, and the website at another.

Well according to WhoIS it’s currently 1and1. Name servers are,, and

I’m going to send you a PM with more sensitive info.

Sure, I’ll see if I can do anything.

In the meantime, if you wanted to pay for a callback, I would charge the fee to the customer at the end. My guess would be that there was private WHOIS on the domain (which requires extra steps to turn off before you move) or the auth code wasn’t transferred correctly.

Since I’m their defacto tech support is it possible for me to purchase callback on my account and use that to discuss their account, or would it be charged to their account (Which is what I’m trying to avoid)? I probably would have just hosted them under my account if there had been a mechanism to do billing etc, but that’s not so robust for resellers in my opinion…

I believe if you do it from your account, it’ll be charged to yours (caveat: I’m still fairly new and I don’t do billing/callbacks personally!) but you could of course ask in the callback request :slight_smile:
I took a look at whois, and it looks like your domain name expired, and it was never fully transferred to us. You’re right, it’s on 1and1’s registrar, though. I’m not sure if we can ‘get it back’ since you have to get them to release it and transfer. Do you know if your client actually transferred the domain and not just the hosting?

(FYI, I’m about to head out for the day, I didn’t see a support ticket in your name, but I left a note for our guys to see this thread anyway)

Well I did fill out the registration transfer on the dreamhost panel and it was working. I had to unlock it on 1and1 to do the transfer. If you looked at domain history you would see that it was transferred to dreamhost in February. I’m working at this from both ends right now so I’m trying to get 1and1 to release so I can process the transfer again, but I’m more worried that this is just going to happen all over again.

That tool you emailed me seems to only keep track of NameServers, which is not the same as your DNS registrar. When I checked on my own domain, it tells me who owns my nameservers (i.e. DreamHost), but not where the Domain is registered (i.e. NameCheap, just as an example). Yours says you did transfer the nameservers to DreamHost, but that doesn’t guarantee that the registrar change was complete. When I look at the account’s panel for DNS, it even says ‘To modify your domain’s whois information, please visit the registrar you registered with (looks like it’s not us!)’ so somehow that just didn’t get finished.

Since the domain registration isn’t supposed to be able to magically switch back without intervention, the most likely scenario is that you changed the nameservers and the DNS registration never finished the transfer, so when it expired on 1&1, you ended up in this mess :frowning:

Once you get control back, you can complete the registrar transfer and verify in the panel that it’s changed (it’ll say that your registrar is us) or a WHOIS check which will have us listed under “Registrar”. If that’s not changing, then that’s where the problem is :frowning:

I’m really sorry this is such a hassle. DNS registration is still the worst part of websites, IMO. Most people never move them because it’s such a hassle (when I started with this, I had to fax people).