Domain Transfer Redirected?


While trying to transfer this domain yesterday ( to dreamhost from godaddy, I followed the instructions as given on dreamhost’s site to do the transfer. Unlock domain, set DNS records to etc. and setup the hosting account on dreamhost.

I then initiated the transfer with the auth codes and everything.

Everything went fine and worked properly and the DNS change was allowing me to host through dreamhost until the transfer had finished. I could FTP in, do everything I needed to do.

Today, it appears as if the domain has been redirected somewhere. No one has access to my acct. and the godaddy acct information still has the nameserver as (a whois will confirm that).

I haven’t yet approved the full registration transfer from because I’m not sure if doing that will permanently have the site redirected to wherever its going now.

Any suggestions?

(I’ve also e-mailed support and requested a callback, but in the interim wanted to check the knowledge of the forum)


did you set up the site to fully host at dreamhost? Under than panel, Domains >> Manage Domains, is the site listed and set to Fully Host?


Yes, its set to fully host under the manage domains tab.


when I go to it, i see Under Construction

Thompson Digital Media

Is that you? Or is that what you are seeing?


wow… I’m Thompson Digital Media… but when I go to the site I see “INDEX of /” and “cgi-bin” . When I ftp to it, its also going to a different server…

I went to it from my phone and saw the “Under Construction” signage I added yesterday, so I’m guessing its a DNS issue of some sort.

I’m on the same computer system I used to access the site yesterday and now it appears as if the DNS information from my internet connection is redirecting from this location only to show that INDEX of crap…


Ok… I’m fully hosting the website and its now registered under my dreamhost account in “registrations.”

I still can’t see it from my current system, is there anything I can do to possibly “repropogate” the DNS? It doesn’t make sense for it to not show up b/c the DNS information is correct when I do a whois…

I’ve now selected “lock all registrations” so hopefully this will solve the problem…

(Was “Lock all registrations” the right thing to do?)


you can always go to the Domains >> Manage Domains and under Web Hosting select Edit and then without making any changes select
change fully hosted now

but, i think it’s just a matter of propagation. lock all registrations is fine, but doesn’t make a difference on the dreamhost side. Give it a little time to make sure the site fully propagates.


Thanks for all your help!

Feel free to send a PM if you ever need anything.