Domain transfer question

hi, i transfer my domain to dreamhost and all work nice =)

but when i go to “Manage Domains” in control panel de registration field show me “Unknown” and when i get the whois information form my domain, i get the dreamhost dns but all the rest of contact information is the old one…

when my domain is fully registered with dreamhost?

Domain transfers often take 5 days. When did you transfer it? If you go to the Panel here and click on Domains -> Registrations and then click on YOURDOMAIN.COM, it’ll bring up the WHOIS information, including the Registrar. If the registrar shows as NEW DREAM NETWORK, LLC, then it’s been transfered and you can click on the Modify WHOIS Info button at the bottom to fix your registration fields.

If you post the domain name, we can see what the WHOIS information looks like and if we notice anything strange.