Domain Transfer Question

Hello everyone. I have a quick question about transferring domains between Dreamhost accounts.

I currently run a website on Dreamhost, mooching off of a friend’s account. When he purchased his plan, he already had a domain from elsewhere, and he let me use the free domain that came with his plan for my site.

I’m currently considering purchasing my own space (I’d rather not leech off him forever!). I was wondering if it’s possible to transfer that domain to my account, and what the process might entail.


If you friend used a promo code when he purchased the hosting plan, the plan is considered as a promotional plan. According to DH, users are not able to transfer domains between promotional plans.

If the plans are not promotional plans, you can simply file a ticket to DH support. They will transfer the domain after your new plan is activated.

If you want to continue with the domain name, you may want to try to ask your friend to grant some access on the domain to your new plan via DH panel --> Billing --> Accounts Privileges

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As Nathan said, DreamHost does have restrictions on transferring domains between accounts created using a promo-code.

However, this restriction was created to prevent people from scamming the promo-code system, since you are not trying to do this, you might be able to convince DreamHost support to transfer the domain for you. There is obviously no guarantee that they would be willing to do so, but it is worth a shot.


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why dont you create a Dreamhsot account with a totally new domain and transfer your other domains to some other registrar. you can still host them at Dreamhost by setting the DNS.

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