Domain transfer question

Hi !

Just a little question, is it possible to transfer a domain to your dreamhost account after registration ?

I am waiting for my hold host to unlock mine, so I would like to know if I can register to dreamhost without any domain and transfer it later.

Thanks !

Sure! While you are waiting, you can use a “” sub-domain for no additional charge. :slight_smile:


You don’t have access to unlock your domain? If not, hopefully you at least have an honest host that won’t try to stop you from leaving. I had a hosting account with a host before where I didn’t have access–and even though they’re very reputable and I trust them 100%… I still didn’t like having direct access to my domains.

Also, if you registered/renewed it recently, 60 days has to pass before you’ll be able to transfer it.

If you do have access to it, and it’s been less than 60 days, you can still add the domain to your account here in the panel (Domains -> Manage Domains), then just point your nameservers here:, and Then, you can always transfer the registration later.

In any case, you might find this wiki article useful if you want to view your other site before moving it here. You can add it through the panel right away, even before it’s actually hosted here, then mirror it with the subdomain and make sure everything’s working before switching over.

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Thanks for your replies !

you can transfer as many domains to dreamhost as you like. just follow their instructions to setup your dns properly.

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I am now suscribed and I succesfully launched the transfer process ! :slight_smile:

But i have another question about that :
I follow the steps from this page to make my transfer :

But after downloaded my website on dreamhost, is there any way to test my website without changing the name servers of my old host ?
I want to be sure that my site works well before changing the DNS. :confused:

Thanks !

EDIT : Sorry for the question, I found the answer into the same page :

If i were you, i would change the dns server because it will improve the loading speed. If you don’t want to do that, use javascript or any server-side script to auto forward the page form your old server to your new server.

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