Domain transfer problem

While attempting to transfer my domain from to, I ran into a bit of a snag. It seems my domain information was out of date, and my email address was one that I haven’t used in ages.

I still have access to said email address, but it was disabled due to inactivity, so the email was bounced before I knew the address. So I am stuck with a bit of a problem.

I already gave DreamHost my billing information, and as far as I can tell they have already sent the credit card request for $10, and they want to run it again to resend the email. I don’t want to get charged $10 for a service I never receive. I have look all over the site for phone number, but I cannot find one to save my life. I need this domain transferred rather soon, because it is soon to expire. So I’ve came here, hoping you guys know what I should do. The lack of a contact number is very frustrating. I like dreamhost a lot, but I’ve suddenly found the support very, very lacking.

Don’t sweat it. Support is pretty good about this. Have them cancel your first request and then re-submit it once you get the email situation squared away.

Once they cancel it, you’ll have a $10 credit to apply to your second try.


How can I have them cancel it? That is my problem, I can’t find a way to contact Dreamhost.

Go back into the panel and click on Support on the lower left corner, and then “Contact Support.”


I tried that, and when I select my website that I am transferring, it gets part of the way through and gives me an ugly ‘This domain is not registered with us’ error.

That said, I just went back through it and didn’t get the redflag again, how odd. Seems I can send the help request now. Thanks for your help.