Domain transfer - how to go about it?

I’m planning to move my site here, which will require a transfer of my domain “”. I’ve checked the usual sources (Google, Wikipedia) on how a domain name transfer actually works, but I’ve come up only with vague descriptions.

Can a domain be “locked” to transfer? How can I find out if a domain is locked - and how do I get my present registrar to unlock it?

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The sign up process should walk you through it.

You would have to unlock the domain first, since it is locked. You would need to log into your registrar’s control panel to do this. There should be a lock/unlock option in your control panel somewhere.

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Thanks. The registrar panel (actually it’s the hosting panel; my domain name was indirectly registered by my web host with a third-party registrar I don’t have direct access to) doesn’t appear to have that option, so I sent a support question to them.

Edit: And it turns out, of course, that I’ve just been too daft to find the option. :wink:

That’s good that the option is where you have access to it, rather than having to go through the host.

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So that is taken care of, thanks. :slight_smile:

This next question is directed at anyone who’s had experience with moving domains. Basically, what is the time frame I should plan this on?

I registered the domain on December 3 last year, so I have a little over 2 (naturally non-refundable) months left on my current hosting plan. On one hand, I want to waste as little time as possible on the transition (because during that time I’m paying for two hosts). On the other, I would like a smooth transfer without hurrying through things in the last minute. I’ve also heard from some registrars that transferring a domain should be done well before the expiration date.

So taking into account that the domain expires on December 3, what time frame would you recommend for signing up the new account, transferring the DNS record and moving the site?

You can follow the steps in this wiki article to test your domain here before DNS changes.

I’ve done registrar transfers within 5 days of expiration, but it’s generally a bad idea if you don’t want to get stuck with renewing it where you’re at.

I’d probably overlap your last month of hosting with the new account, so you don’t have to rush if you hit any problems. Plus, if something went unbelievably wrong, you could temporarily switch the nameservers back to your old host if you had to.

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