Domain Transfer from dreamhost



I want to transfer a domain from dreamhost to another registrar ( I’ve initiated the transfer request 24h ago on Gandi’s site using the auth code on dreamhost’s panel, but I still haven’t received the confirmation email on my dreamhost account to authorize the transfer. My domain admin email is set up correctly and without any junk filter (I receive emails on this without any problem).

It looks like the proxy email ([domain] that Dreamhost puts in whois doesn’t work. I’ve tried sending a mail to this address and didn’t receive anything on my domain admin address.

Any solution for this?




Well I’ve changed my whois info on Dreamhost to remove the privacy service and specified my email address explicitely (not great for spam!). I then received the transfer confirmation email.

So it looks like the dreamhost whois email proxy is broken!


It may be that there is a problem with your forwarding arrangement, or your spam filters? … I just tested emailing and received each of them very quickly.

This makes me think that there is not a general “broken” condition with the the Private Registration “proxy” mail arrangement.