Domain transfer / expiry issue

Last week I transferred a domain name to Dreamhost, paying the fee to renew for a year and complete the transfer process.

However, I’ve received notification email from Dreamhost and Nominet saying that the domain has now expired. It also indicates in my control panel that the domain expired a couple of days ago.

Unless I’m mistaken, I thought the fee I paid to complete the transfer was a renewal fee, so the domain should not expire until July 2012.

This is a new setup, so I suggest that you submit a ticket to Support and let us know how it goes. Normally, your assumption is correct, but the extra hoops of having a partner registrar.

Thanks for the reply, Scott.

I see there’s the option to just pay to renew for x number of years via the control panel - would I be better to do this to cover myself rather than risk the domain expiring?

I just don’t want to incur the huge cost of recovering the domain if this technical issue does cause it to expire.

// quick edit

I just got a message from the billing team on this issue - due to a bug I do indeed have to do it via the control panel.

Thanks for the help anyway. :slight_smile: