Domain Transfer:current emails will follow?

We have a potential client that has an existing account with Verizon. He wants a website. He says that he already has a domain name. He has all his employees hooked up with email already. I’m assuming this suffix is the domain he wishes to use for his website URL. I’m thinking of hosting it here at Dreamhost because I like the features in the packages, like .php and the user friendly panel!!

2 Questions.
1] Do we need to do anything prior to the domain transfer, from his “verizon” server to dreamhost, for the existing email addresses to follow? I read in “Knowledge Base” the transfer is smooth, but would like to know if there are special steps before and after the domain transfer.

2] Has anyone, with existing email addresses, transfered a domain from one hosting company into dreamhost, experienced any email switching problems besides the in-between 1-2 period for propagation?

Thank you much. Hope to get a response, as I would love to host his site on dreamhost smoothly!!!

I did a transfer once, and it was completely smooth for me. You would need to set up the email accounts on Dreamhost in advance. The employees might also have to change the mail server settings in their email client. Obviously you’ll have to find out a bit more about their current email setup.

When I did it, I had both the old and new servers set up in my mail client. (You can do this by using the mail server’s real name–eg. rather than mail.yourcomain.) That way, I was 100% sure I could get all email no matter which server it went to. (There’s a possibility some mail could go the old account during the transition period.) Having both accounts at the same time also made it easy to move existing email from the old server to the new one.

For me, the transfer was basically instant. (I might have cheated, though… my DNS is run by a third party, so I only had to change the MX record. That switch might be picked up faster than a nameserver switch.)

My comments basically echo Marks.
If you can get people to have both mail servers setup in their email clients for the couple of days that the DNS propogation takes, then you are covered.

If you have the website copied across to DH, then when the DNS switch takes place, it will be seamless.

I’ve only been with DH a couple of weeks, but have already swapped over 4 domains without a hitch.


Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz

It is good to receive a positive response concerning this area. Thanks for the insight.

I’ll let my partner know of these options. Just to understand more about email switching/domain transfering…

You wrote (about email client):
(You can do this by using the mail server’s real name–eg. rather than mail.yourcomain.)

I know when I get my email from dreamhost, i use
Using my domain name as an example, what would be the “”… Would it be or would it be like (the server name) or would it be something else? I need some clarification on that. :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know about changing the MX records. That looks like more intensive stuff. It even has a disclaimer in the beginning. I guess I should read more on that. This is probably reserved for those in the “know”. heehee

Is it possible to transfer the domain name to dreamhost, but keep the email server at verizon (the current server of the potential client), by fudging with the MX Record? Hmm…

I remember when I transfered from the older hosting company, I made the changes through the site where I set up the domain name, some registry site. There I updated the DNS to dreamhost. I would probably do the same for this “client”.

You think the best thing to do… is set up an area for the new client in, set up the email mx stuff to point to verizon, then finally transfer the domain name from the old server to

Let me know what you think. Thanks again.

I love the positive responses.

Thanks. Okay. Do you use the IMAP or the POP feature with your sites? For my site, I use POP with no copies to the server after popping it to my computer… Do you use this feature as well.

How’s the emails coming for you? Do you use Outlook? I use Mail on Mac OS X. My emails are fine.

Personally, I would move email to Dreamhost too - easier to admin all the stuff in one place, but that’s between you and your client…

I use POP3 on all my domains, but IMAP is easy to set up and is useful when people are reading mail from different locations.

I use Outlook, and most of my clients do to, with no problems at all.


Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz

For the mail server, it would be the variety. That lets you access the mail server directly, no matter what happens to be pointing to. Similar for the Verizon server.

I see. Cool. thanks.:slight_smile:

I am transferring a domain I already own to be hosted with DreamHost

Question 1:
For how long should I keep my old hosting account in order to avoid losing any e-mail? It sort of makes sense that I should setup my e-mail client to point to both the old host and the new dreamhost. But your e-mail confuses me:
Question 2:
How does setting up your mail server to point to accomplish this?

These are the steps I am planning on executing, in this order:

  1. Create the same mailboxes as I have on my current (old) host
  2. Change the nameservers to point to my (new) dreamhost site (on a Friday evening, so that any e-mail disruption will occur over the weekend)
  3. Direct all my employees to modify their e-mail clients to point to

Question 3:
Am I missing anything?

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