Domain transfer cost

Does it cost anything to transfer my domain’s NS to DreamHost.
That is, I have some domains hosted and NSed elsewhere.
Once my account is up and running, I will look to move it all to DH (by mirroring first, etc).
I understand that it will be included to do all the hosting, but I can’t find anywhere whether it costs me anything more for initial moves.
Thanks in advance.

If I understand you question correctly, you should not incurr any additional costs to have your domain pointed to the Dreamhost DNS servers. This is accomplished on your *registrar’s" site.

If should elect to transfer your domain registration to Dreamhost (which you are not required to do to host your sites at Dreamhost) the transfer will cost $9.95 paid to Dreamhost (hopefully your current registrar has no hidden “transfer fees”!), and will extend your registration for a year from it’s current expiration date. Dreamhost actually gives you one domain registratioon “free” when you sign up for hosting, so you could actually save some money.


Many thanks - I think I am getting there :slight_smile:
Just to be clearer (and in case others come to this thread?).
So the only cost of additional domains is the normal registrar costs.
To be specific.
I have a domain that expires on 27-Jul-2007.
One way forward would be to leave the registration where it is forever (let’s forget about any charges from my existing registrar, as we are only converned with DH here).
However, I would like to get off my exisiting DNS provider.
So moving it to DH, where the site would be is sensible (and economical).
So I could transfer soon, and pay 9.95, and only get an extra month.
But probably the sensible thing to do would be to transfer it nearer expiry time, say next June? The cost will then be 9.95 for the year’s registration.
I am hoping you can answer with a simple “yes” :slight_smile:



You could transfer soon, and pay 9.95, and get an extra year in addition to the time that has already been paid for. Since your domain currently expires on 27-Jul-2007, if you transfer the domain to DreamHost, your $9.95 will extend your expiration date until 27-Jul-2008.