Domain transfer between accounts

If I add an additional domain (not a subdomain) to my current account, will it be possible/easy later to transfer it to a new dreamhost account ? (preferrably together with its contents, but it matters less)

I’ve done it. At the time I did it I had two choices:

  • Have the DH staff do it

  • Delete/Add

I did the latter. Went fine and I even got lucky timing-wise and didn’t have to re-create the custom MX records I had in the domain.

It should only take a few hours for the DNS switch to happen because it’s just the DNS internal to DH.

I asked them last month, unless you’re going to get a full hosted acct they won’t move ownership of a domain
so if you’re just moving a domain from your main acct to your friends’ who’s being hosted off of you they won’t let you

Thanks a lot for your replies ! Actually I did plan to move it eventually to a new fully hosted account, but maybe it’s better not to rush and simply wait till I can afford another fully hosted account :slight_smile: