Domain Transfer and Setup with original website

Hello All,

I have a site I built with a dreamhost account using their free sub-domains ( I have another domain name hosted by godaddy ( that I forwarded/masked to the dreamhost subdomain once the site was ready.

Well the forwarding/masking isn’t working so hot (it always says “page not found” at first…then the second time it redirects and loads just fine". GoDaddy says “not my problem” so I’m just cutting them out of the equation and decided to move the domain registration to dreamhost. My thinking being that now requests to the domain will go straight here and not have any funky stuff going on.

Anyways…I want someone to help walk me through this process and help me with some questions I have…tell me how much downtime I can realistically expect…etc.

  1. I’ve already requested the original domain ( name be released from godaddy and they’ve sent me a release code…I’m scared to pull the plug just yet cause i don’t want the site down for several days…especially this week when many people might be visiting.

  2. I believe the next step is to go into godaddy’s control panel and point to the dreamhost nameservers for…then immediately come and request the transfer in my dreamhost account…is this correct?
    2.1) Is my account still with GoDaddy? so the expiration/etc. is all still the same?
    2.2) Do I get charged to transfer a .com domain? I saw that theres a yearly charge for certain transfers but it didn’t make sense to me since the domain was already paid for.

  3. Once is all transferred and pointing to dreamhost nameservers I assume I will now have 2 directories ( and <-- the site I’ve been building)
    I want to now basically transplant everything that was in into Can i simply rename the folder and update some of the files in the root directory? I’ve been careful to use relative paths in all my code.

Anyways…theres all my questions…in a nutshell I want to make sure I’ve got the domain transfer steps right…see how much downtime I should expect…then see how to point my domain to the website I’ve built at My preference is that it’s a straight hop to and all the content is there vs. a re-direct.

thanks for your help!