Domain Transfer and More


I was going through the signup process and got to the part about transferring my domain to DH. If I go with a static IP on my account, can I skip any sort of transfer? I want to keep complete control of my domains.

Also, if I have multiple domains on an account with a static IP can I still configure the sites to run out of separate directories? Same concern with subdomains.

Sorry if these questions are lame. It been a big chunk of years since I last purchased web hosting.



Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t quite understand what you’re asking, or how it links to a unique IP. You probably won’t need a unique IP unless you need an SSL cert.


You don’t lose control of a domain by transferring it here, nor do you have to transfer it here to host it here.

All domains and subdomains get their own folders. There’s no connection to having a unique IP there.

If you’re unsure of anything, I’d recommend picking a new domain with the free domain you get when you sign up. That way, you can get it setup and see how everything works, so you’ll be familiar with the panel and everything else.

Then you can setup your other domain here, since all plans host unlimited domains. Once you have it setup, all you have to do is log into where you registered your domain and point the nameservers to, and

See this Wiki article for testing a domain here before switching the nameservers over:

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You do not need a static IP address to keep your domains registered where they currently are.

Simply add the domain to the DreamHost system using the admin panel then configure the domains DNS to point to the DreamHost DNS servers;

This last step should be done using the configuration facilities of your current domain registrar.

Once again, you do not need a static IP address to achieve this. All domains and subdomains hosted on DreamHost have separate web directories by default.


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