Domain transfer and link

I have a domain, let’s call it
that I have just transferred to DreamHost.
I already have a WordPress blog at dream host called
that I now want to become
I have no idea how to do this.
Can someone give me some instructions on how to achieve this?

Does this help?


It gets me close but not quite. I have set up a browser redirect but mirroring as an option is not available to me. There appears to be an
issue with the two domains not being accessible from my panel at DreamHost. I created as part of a DreamHost trial
that I have let go through to full-time hosting. I have just transferred and can see it in the panel but not I
simply want to be the name of I don’t
want to pay for two domains. I have registered a ticket to see
if support can tell me what I have done wrong.


I don’t really understand this part. I thought you would have to host the main domain in DH first. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to create any sub-domain. I could be wrong though. Let’s see what DH support says.

Well, this helped me! Thanks!