Domain Transfer - 60 Days?!

Hey All!
A friend of mine wanted a website for himself, and it was a .ca domain. Since Dreamhost doesn’t allow new registrations with .ca, I purchased to domain via GoDaddy, and want to transfer it to DreamHost now so I can host it.
After looking into it, I noticed it said that I may not transfer the domain 60 days from registration (today). Why on earth is that? I don’t have any hosting with GoDaddy (nor do I want it), but he needs this site up asap for an upcoming local election. Am I right that the domain will have to sit dormant for 60 days before I can transfer it here for hosting?!

Thanks for your input!

Edit - Can I just host it on dreamhost without transferring the domain?

It doesn’t matter where a domain is registered.

Just change the nameservers to:

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Great! Thanks.
That’s what I was hoping. To get it working on my FTP though, I need a Host Address, (ie.
should I just enter the same as my own website? Is it all the same login information?

(I really do appriecate your help!)

Either one uses the same login name & password, but using your domain name might not work right away, so you could use until it does.

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I know I sound like an idoit asking all these questions… but how do I upload files to the site? I’ve changed the hosting nameservers, but because I can’t transfer the domain (I can’t do this right? I haven’t tried because I don’t want to F things up) I don’t have a folder for it on my FTP.

So… how do I upload to it without the domain being on my Dreamhost account?

Thanks so much everyone for all your help!
Cheers Mates!

Here are some handy instructions:


You can upload by connecting to, which will still show your directory as if you logged in through your domain. Ex: /home/user/

Just put the files in your domain folder.

If you want to view the site before switching nameservers, you can do so by mirroring your domain with a free sub-domain.

Here’s the wiki article that walks you right through it:

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Here is one more article. Hope it helps

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