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Hello. I do not have hosting with Dreamhost, but have registered my domain through Dreamhost.

How do I change the mapping for my registered-but-not-hosted domain name to land at my site? I should note that I have no websites what-so-ever with any vendor. I only have registered domains.

My reasoning for not hosting and using the Wordpress @ Dreamhost is a lack of time to ramp up on website coding and more importantly security for the site.


PS - I searched Wordpress’ forums - it only had the occasional Dreamhost user that didn’t understand that the forum was not for Dreamhost’s Wordpress installs.

So… I’m going to need to transfer my domain registration to Wordpress. Drat.

Transferring the domain to ___ and setting the names servers to ___ are two different things. Do you know which you need and why?

Yes. I wanted to keep my registration with DreamHost and set the name servers to point to the Wordpress site I have at However, since there has been a heck of a lot of views and no response, I can only think that (since I do not have hosting… with anyone or anywhere) it cannot be done.

Wordpress will also register a domain, but then they will point it to your Wordpress site.

That is why I now think that I must somehow move my registered domain to Wordpress, even though I’d rather not.

You don’t have to transfer your registration but being able to use your own domain with a hosted blog is not free

I know it’s not free. I’m well aware of Wordpress instructions. I’m asking where to set this. I have just a registered name with Dreamhost. I cannot find where to change the pointing of the name servers. As far as I can tell - it can’t done.

If it can’t be done, I have to move. :confused:

I have hosting too so I don’t really know how it would be if you only registered the domain as far as how your control panel looks. Do you even have a section to manage domains? On mine it shows all of the domains that I have and I have the option of clicking on DNS. You would go there to change the name servers for a domain registered with DH. If what you have looks different from what I have I don’t know. I suggest you send in a support ticket and ask them what to do.

Ohhh. Support doesn’t read these forums? Ah. Well a ticketing I’ll go then. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ryo-ohki.

I’ll update this thread in case others need the info when I know the answer.

Easy answer! Dreamhost tech support is fast - as well as being clear and concise! :slight_smile:

The way to point your registered (but not hosted) domain name to your site @ is to modify the Whois. At the very bottom is “Set DNS info to host your domain elsewhere” and there you will find the spot to edit in the wordpress nameservers. (then you must go over to the Wordpress site and throw money at them ~.^)

Never considered poking around in the Whois, as I thought I knew what it contained.

Thanks to everyone who poked in here to see if they could help!