Domain to Forum


Hey everyone,

I set up a domain (.com) that domain when entered to go directly into the forum. I put the domain to redirect to and it doesnt work.

thanks for you help


Setting the domain to redirect sets the whole domain to redirect, not just the front page. You’ll need to set the domain back to “fully hosted” to have a site there, then set up an index page or .htaccess to make the redirect happen.


Yea it’s fully set back to fully hosted. there is not index file, since I want to to go directly into forum, which based on fetch it’s a directory. thanks, and sorry still newb when it comes to this stuff. :slight_smile:


Bump :slight_smile:


Hey guys I still need help, been a couple weeks. thanks I appreciate it!


The easiest way would be to actually make an index file or .htaccess that redirects to


My Awesome Forum [/code]

Then just put that as index.php in the root html folder, and off you go.

Unless you’re saying you want to use as the URL for your forums. Which, depending on your forum software, may require you to move it.


Thanks so much!!! That worked great and very simple process!