Domain to expire soon. I want to switch from GoDaddy to DreamHost

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My domain name, currently with GoDaddy, is set to expire on September 30th and I was thinking of transferring the registration to DreamHost since I already use DH for hosting the site.

I have 3 questions regarding this:

Q1. How long do I have to wait before I can transfer the domain under my WebPanel after unlocking the registration and removing the privacy setting? Can this be done within minutes of unlocking the registration and privacy with GoDaddy?

Q2. The wiki states that it could take 7-14 days for the transfer to come through in addition to the 1-3 days to wait for the transfer approval email prior to that. This could overlap with the expiration of my domain name. Could this cause downtime for my site?

- GoDaddy states that for 12 days after September 30, my domain name will be in “Renewal Grace Period” and moved to parked nameservers and my website could go down.

Q3. …and am I understanding correctly that once the domain name is with DreamHost, I will not have to renew the domain name later since it will be free for the active life of my hosting plan with DH?

NOTE: I do not want to end up with a sitenameDOTdreamhostersDOTcom sub-domain account. Since I believe I did not use up the free domain option, my understanding is that the free one could count towards the mydomainDOTcom I already have?

A1. Depends on how long it takes GoDaddy to actually update the settings. If that all happens promptly, you can probably get the domain transferred in a matter of hours.

A2. Yes. The transfer will renew your domain for an extra year once it goes through, but your site will go down if the domain expires before it’s transferred.

A3. Yes. As mentioned above, the transfer automatically gives the domain a “free” renewal, and we give all active account holders one free domain registration/renewal/transfer per year. It doesn’t look like you’re currently using any, so you should be able to keep the domain renewed yearly for no extra charge.

Yippee! & Thanks for your prompt response!

Now I’m having trouble with removing the Private registration from the domain name. GoDaddy forwards me to DomainsByProxy. I checked my past emails and only found 1 from DBP and it was only about their “Important ICANN privacy changes” back for 2008 and no emails about login info and passwords.

I tried the “Retrieve password”: entered my customer number, street address, and security image code. I keep getting an error “We are unable to locate an account with this information. Please verify your data, and try again.”

I tried the for “Retrieve customer number”: domain name and security image code and now over 3 hours later I still haven’t got an email back. Is this normal or am I jumping the gun a bit?

I even tried the “reset password” with entering my customer number, email and security image… “We are unable to locate an account with this information. Please verify your data, and try again.”

I know the Private registration customer number is right but I’ve never used it before or visited DBP site before to even login.

If this is because I moved back in 2007?.. then why didn’t they send an email stating something like "we’ve noticed that your GoDaddy information and DomainsByProxy info do not sync up and we can’t confirm your identity? I don’t even know what info DBP has beside email. My info has updated with GoDaddy long ago, but I didn’t know that I had to do the same with DBP. Looks like I’ll have to scan my state ID again as proof of who I am to another company this year. :frowning:

GoDaddy can’t even send me a Auth Code email.

EDIT: additional…

On another site it states:
“In order to do this, you need your Domains By Proxy login information. A new login is created for each purchase. The password is your Godaddy password. But the customer number is unique for each purchase.”

I did that. I entered the login number for my DBP account (not the GD number) and the GD password???

You need to be contacting GoDaddy for help since the domain is with them.

GoDaddy forwards you to their sister site DomainsByProxy for matters related to “Private Registration”.

I figured this might be do to my change of address 4 years ago and they just want to confirm my identity and I’m the one asking for it to be turned off. I’d forgotten my password back then so I reset it in GoDaddy and updated my address and other info. I was not aware at the time that the the same was to be done to DomainsByProxy and completely forgot about them.

[color=#0000CD]Early this morning I filled out the “update email address form” and scanned and uploaded my state ID (both old and current) and get a short explanation of my situation. DomainsByProxy sent me an email about 7 hours later telling me they got the info and update the email and I was able to reset the password from there on.[/color] :slight_smile:

Turns out DomainsByProxy still had my old address on file. I updated contact info and then turned off the private reg.

I might not of had access to whatever email they originally had on file as well. One of my old lapse domains was also on that page and it was saying DBP purchase date of February of 2005! I switched GoDaddy to my gmail account in between then and May 2006.