Domain Switch

As of now, I have a domain name that is being hosted on Globat. Do I have to cancel this host before registering with dreamhost in order for dreamhost to grab the domain?

NO, don’t do this.
Or your domain will by aivalable to anyone.

Subscribe to dreamhost, configure everything,
then TRANSFERT the domain do dreamhost.

Then, when everything is ok, cancel your hosting at globat.

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nope… you don’t need to cancel. just sign up a new plan and transfer your domain to dreamhost by setting up the dns server

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Here’s the wiki article that tells you how to view your site here and make sure everything’s okay… before switching from your own host:

Also, hosting & domain registration are two different things. If you want to use the free domain registration for that domain, you will just need to transfer it here–whether it’s registered with Globat, Godaddy, or anyone else.

If you just want to host it here, then you just need to modify the nameservers in your registrar’s control panel. Change them to:

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The domain is hosted in Globat, but was it registered there? If yes, then you have to transfer it to DreamHost, because surely you won’t let it stay with Globat.

This is why I always have my domains registered outside my webhosters. I usually never even use the free domain gifts…

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Be aware that globat will email you an unending number of emails and will continue to try to bill you in perpetuity long after you cancel. I left them 5 years ago and they are still trying to renew my services even after legal threats. I ended up having to cancel my credit card account to avoid contesting monthly charges by them. They still send me weekly emails with upgrade offers!

That sounds more like an ex wife than an ex hosting company :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is why I rarely give my credit card number to a company with whom I have no experience. I start with alternative payment methods. If they don’t have them on their site, I email them. If they don’t have, well, virtual Visa for them. If they don’t accept, and I really don’t know the company, well, others will want my business.

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