Domain "Swapping" trickery

I paid for a domain ( through google domains. At the same time I purchased month to month hosting through Dreamhost. I was unaware of ICANN rules that I cannot transfer my to Dreamhost for 60 days. As a result I cannot start my website and it is stuck at 97% finalization.

I also own a second domain on google unattached to any website or host, purchased much earlier this year in May. So, while I wait to transfer ABC to dreamhost, can I transfer my second domain and use that to develop my website, then in 60 days “swap names” so to speak? Are there any larger implications this may cause down the road?

Looking for any other solutions or comments to this issue. Thanks in advance.

DH doesn’t require that your domain be registered thru DH, so with a bit of setup you should be able to keep your existing DNS registration and hosting, but host the web-site on DH. Here’s the help article:

Thank you! I have changed the name servers and put in the type A record, now hosting DNS only. I hope it will update in a bit.

Thanks again.

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