Domain, subdomain and hosting questions

Hello. I’m working on my fitness website. It will not have many pages and only a dozen or so photos with articles so bandwidth isn’t a concern. I have found a free template I like and am modifying it now. My content is almost complete.

I once did a test run with another paid host but had FTP issues which they did not really help me resolve. If I sign up for web hosting and have FTP problems, will someone actually help me? Walk me through it, perhaps in LIVE chat or at the very least with constructive back and forth emailing?

I know html and a bit of CSS and I’ve tried out my template on free webhosts where it’s a matter of copying and pasting. That was easy. I modified it in Notepad and the like and tested it out. How difficult will it be for me to implement my website without a webpage builder like Freewebs? I’m a novice. I know nothing of MySLQ or databases and the like.

Also, if I choose to have domain hosting, does that mean I can host subdomains and domains? I’m confused by what they both actually offer. Let’s say my website is http:/ / and I decided I wanted to start a graphics site. Could the graphics site be hosted under the fitness site but not have the http:/ / Could I actually have my own unique URL like http:/ /katgraphics meaning that I would be hosted on the “main” fitness site. Color me confused.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll get tons of help here in the forum. If something is broken, support will help you. There’s also the wiki:

Notepad isn’t a good plain-text editor. I’m not a Windows user, but I know that someone here has recommended a good one.

You get an unlimited number of domains and subdomains on your account, but you’ll have to register them yourself, which it sounds like you’ve already done for katfitness. You can add subdomains such as, or just pay an extra $10/yr for and add that to your existing hosting plan.


Thanks for replying Scott.

I mostly use Wordpad for those free sites. Never liked Notepad but have heard good things about Notepad ++.

I haven’t registered anything; those were merely crappy names I came up with for the purpose of explaining.

The extra 10$/yr, could you expand on that? Does that mean web pages would look like etc. or does that mean it would be for the main site but pages within would have the URL of katfitness? Sorry if that sounds muddled.

I checked out the wiki and it helped but I wondered about having my domain registered with DreamHost… if I decided to leave after two years and end my hosting, what happens to my domain if I wanted to keep it?

A domain name costs $10/yr. You get one free with a hosting plan, so your fitness one would be included with the plan cost, but a graphics domain will cost another $10/yr for registration. Subdomains are free, so with your free domain, you can just pile on,, etc. to your existing plan for no registration cost. But if you want to separate your activities by domain name, that’s when it’ll cost extra.

Domains registered here (or anywhere else) can be transferred to another registrar. Or you can just keep it registered here for $10/yr.


Thanks for the info.

i use notepad++ and no problem at all…

you could also look into notepad2 at this is a pretty good text editor and it also supports code highlighting with html/php and quite a few others, much better then plain notepad or wordpad in my opinion.

If you are looking for some Dreamhost promo codes you can find some here.