Domain stolen - Cannot login to my account

It looks like my existing account with this company is being hacked. I cannot access any longer nor receive the reset link via my primary email address.

Thank you for any advise or support.

You should try contacting DreamHost support via:

so sad to hear that . hopeful for the response from the team. Good luck

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Have you ever tried it? Does it help? One of my friend is facing same issue right now.

If it expired, pirates will grab it and hold it hostage. Sad.

I had a friend who’s site expired and it was being held hostage for about $600 rather than the $17 a year. We had to just move on come up with a new domain name. Sad.

Then a club website I was trying to move both the domain & hosting was being held by a much older club member on his home computer, who didn’t understand new website technology. He did not want to release the domain, nor hosting – so we used the same domain name with .org – instead of .com (the one he was holding).

Best to do a workaround.

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