Domain still not working after almost a week


on 06/08/2003 (sunday) i signed up for the Crazy Domain Insane plan. It seems to have all went well. However (mydomain).com is still giving an error… I have a subdomain ((mydomain) mirroring (mydomain).com, and that works just fine. I went to the sign-up part for CDI again just to see if (mydomain).com was available, typed it in… says:

This domain “(mydomain).com” is already in our system!
Please email if you’d like to do something with it and you don’t know how.

…which i assume is good. However, if I go to Add Domain in the webpanel, and type in ‘(mydomain).com’ and click Fully Host, it says:

Congratulations! (mydomain).com is available!

…also, in the ‘Modify Domain Info’ section, under ‘Current Registration Information’ it says,

Can’t get information on non-local domain (MYDOMAIN).COM

now this is my first time registering a domain and i know about zero to do with it, but this seems rather strange to me… can’t traceroute, ping, or whois this domain at all, either, nothing there. almost everything seems to think the domain is available.

i’m kind of worried. what gives?!

It doesn’t look good: has NOT been registered as of this moment …

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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yes! it’s registered/working on whois now :slight_smile: