Domain Server Issues

Hello there.

I had a blogspot, and a separate domain name purchased through blogspot/google. I am trying to make the move to wordpress via dreamhost + it is proving troublesome.

Using the google hosted services option in add domain, I added my purchased domain and then did 1 click install for wordpress. I received the email saying that the installation had been successful, however when I clicked on the link to take me to the admin of wordpress, I was greeted with this. . .


Not Found

The requested URL /wp-admin/install.php was not found on this server.

Could anyone please suggest any steps I may have missed, or servers I need to change on enom/google dns console ?

Many thanks,


WordPress doesn’t install into a Google Hosted domain. You need standard Fully Hosted settings withe Google options turned off and/or removed.

You need to update your Domain Registration to use the DreamHost name servers.