Domain seems to be lost after deleting Drupal

I installed Drupal into ( and then manually attached it to a Database. Later, I then deleted it from my domain and when I was done, my domain was no longer working: it said Domain not found, etc.

My guess is that Drupal has somehow caused this error; however, I don’t know really for certain. It could be that I have to wait 24hr - 72hr for the domain to refresh. If I create a subdomain, this works.

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The below is based upon my assumption that you did the One-Click install:

Drupal is an Easy install, meaning that it creates the domain when you create the install. When you delete the Drupal Easy install, you delete the domain.

You’ll have to go to the panel under Manage Domains and create a new Fully Hosted domain.

If this was a manual Drupal install, check for the existence of a .htaccess file in your domain folder. Your site just isn’t loading for me.