Domain renewed within the last 60 days


Hi there,

In your discussion about transferring a domain to a new account ( it lists a number of requirements including “your registration has not been renewed or purchased within the last 60 days”. As coincidence would have it, I did recently renew my domain (I have owned it for many years but it has not been hosted anywhere).

My situation is this:

  1. I registered it via (a number of years ago)
  2. I have unlocked the domain via
  3. I have entered the values as the server host address on the domain management page (approx 8 hours ago).

The domain is

So, I am not sure what to do now because I renewed the domain on 24/May (the anniversary date is actually 21/June).

Can you help?



Wait until it’s been 60 days since the renewal, then transfer the domain. You can change settings on the domain registration, including the nameservers, without transferring the domain, so there’s no rush — transferring the domain to DreamHost just means that all future management of the registration can happen through us, instead of having to get Server101 involved.


Thanks for the speedy reply!

Is there anything else I need to do for now? I have entered the values on

I just checked and now I am getting the Dreamhost “coming soon” message when I visit I am about to do the “quick install” of Word Press, so I assume I will see me new site when I have completed that process.

Thanks again.


That’s correct. It looks like everything is in order for a WordPress install — have fun!