Domain renewal

I want to be able to renew domains for longer than 2 years. For instance, one of my domains, registered in 2003, will expire this year. I’d like to re-up for another 10 years. Another, registered in 2001, expires in 2014. I want to keep time frames like that.

^ +1 (or +8, really).

Put me down as in favor of allowing longer registration periods too.
Ideally it’d also be nice to have a bit of a discount for longer registrations (and also for larger quantities).

I agree, longer registrations rock. I would like to be able to do it in 10 year chunks as well.

This was raised before in a thread that I can’t locate at the moment, and my memory of the dreamhost comment was that they have found that longer registrations are often associated with fraud. Well Ok, but if that’s the case it should only really need to be a limitation for a new account. Once a customer has become vested the restriction should be lifted.

I’d have thought shorter registrations were associated with fraud. It doesn’t make sense to register something forever which you’re only going to use for a short time. I suppose I could find another registrar and keep hosting here, though.

If it’s because of fraud then I’d assume they mean credit card fraud. Since you can’t undo a registration there would be no way to roll back a transaction if it turns out a credit card was used fraudulently. Also, unlike what people often assume, the risk of credit card fraud is actually borne by the seller and not by the credit card company (in spite of charging an arm and a leg for their service). End result for Dreamhost would be, the credit card transaction gets rolled back and they are stuck with a useless registration for which they still have to pay the ICANN fees.

But yes like LakeRat says once a customer is vested they could consider to lift the restriction. The risk is then probably negligible anyway.

Maybe, but inasmuch as other registrars allow it, maybe DH should reconsider.

Agreed. I spoke with GoDaddy after my previous post. They said the maximum is 10 years, has been since at least the mid-90s. For those of us who have been doing business with DH for years, I agree that the limit should be that, rather than 2 years. I’m not looking for a discount, but rather the security and the lower amount of hassel of paying so often.

@ottodv, okay, that makes sense. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Still…

+1 for me as well. This would be a simple fix but would save so much time.