Domain Renewal

I am getting ready to move a client over to Dreamhost and they already have a domain name that will be hosted. Currently they are with Yahoo and Yahoo pays for the renewal, will I be able to set it up that Dreamhost pays for the renewal as the free domain name included with the Dreamhost package?

Also anyone know of any problems moving from Yahoo? This is the first client that I am moving over and want it to go smooth as possible. I have read the KB,s about moving and don’t see any problems.

Yes, you can move the domain and use the included free domain for this. If you want to be really sure, write to support and ask them to help you coordinate this, that way they can make sure that everything goes according to plan.

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I was the one that asked the question (forgot to log in). If you are moving from Yahoo be prepared to have your site down for a while. They will not let you change your DNS settings until you cancel your account and since they are just a reseller you have to wait till you get an email from the company they are reselling for. In my case it was I got the email that the Domain was transfered back to and logged on to change my DNS entry and I still can’t. I keep getting the error “Sorry, unable to redelegate.” It’s making me nuts. I am waiting for a reply from them. In the mean time I am hoping that It will get transfered to Dreamhost so I can fix the problem.