Domain Renewal

I’d like to direct this to dreamhost support…

I renewed my domain – originally purchased through – through your new renewal service.

the service told me that the domain was not registered, and an email was sent to the registry requesting the transfer.

i then received a message stating that my domain was not originally registered through Network Solutions. Which it wasn’t; it was registered through Dreamhost.

Now the domain DNS info has expired and I cannot get to

Could you please fix this ASAP! I host other people’s websites on that domain, and I’m sure they would like access to their sites as well.


Harlan Landes

If your site is down that’s the type of thing you should definitely write into support about ( or through the web panel) first, and use this discussion board second! I hope you’ve also contacted support, right? :slight_smile:


I did contact support… it’s my nature to try all avenues at once to get the quickest replies. :>

And the problem has been fixed.

i’m glad the problem has been fixed.

as the intro page to the discussion forum mentions, this board isn’t routinely checked by dreamhost staff (although we do stop by occasionally), so this probably isn’t the best place to direct questions for us.