Domain renewal issues ( anyone else ever had this issue )

I really don’t understand why this is such a hassle but wanted to see if anyone else experience anything like this .

My domain name registration expired for a day or two before I noticed the credit card that was on the account for automatic billing was out of date. Now I can’t seem to renew it either, I can’t click on the domain tab ( its not clickable ) and it also says the account ( the hosting plan ) has been disabled . I no longer have hosting with dreamhost but just our domain registration .

Curious if anyone has ever dealt with this hassle , really frustrating having to wait 8-12 hours for a reply.

I’ve not had my entire account lapse, but I’ve revived an expired domain registration. It sits in my domain list with an option to “Redeem,” which I guess means “revive.” I have one that expired back in November still on the list, and a .org that sat in my expired list for about a month before I revived it.