Domain renew button is not there


I just received an email that my domain will expire on 2018-01-29, along with a message telling me to go to and simply click the blue “Renew!” button to keep the party going.

The renew button is not there.

I have now enabled auto-renew, which says that my domain will auto-renew on 2018-01-29 (the actual expiry date).

The email, however, says:

For your domain, this means that you need to renew it BEFORE 2018-01-26. Once that date has passed, you will no longer be able to renew your domain!

How can I renew my domain?

not sure why that is happening because many TLD have different renewal rules. If you could share the domain name, our technical support team can look into it. Otherwise, consider opening a support ticket or a support chat.

Hi Stefano,

It’s a .io domain. I’ve been discussing this with the support team since yesterday, but no luck yet… waiting for a response to the latest support ticket.

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