Domain registry of America


Received a letter with a london address telling me that i have to renew my domain with them.

Is this the obvious scam that it appears, and do i report it?



You can read about domain slamming here

They are mostly solicitations to renew a domain with a new registrar for a rather high price.

I would not spend another second of your life with it but perhaps utilise the paper for some other purpose of your own choice. Although the paper is not very soft!



They obviously keep track of domains registration and expiration dates. I receive their letters for every .com I’ve ever owned. I am not sure how many people they manage to get signed up. But consider how much some people have been prepared to pay for domains and web hosting and it’s probably a fair few.

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Yep, those vermin have repeatedly mailed me “invoices” for every domain I’ve ever registered; and most of my clients have also received them.

I saw a “new” wrinkle last week where a domain slammer actually faxed an invoice to one of my clients. Besides being in complete violation of US “Junk fax” laws, it was especially frustrating due to the fact that, since it arrived via fax" the client’s “spam radar” wan’t even turned on. They thought it was “real”.

The company was “Official Internet Registry and Optimization Bureau”, and they asked the recipient to “please forward to Accounts Payable” the “URGENt-YOUR PROMPT ATTENTION IS REQUIRED” invoice offering a “20% discount” for prompt payment of their "normally $329.97"yearly fee.

If you didn’t elect to pay for the whole year, they kindly offered “12 easy monthly payments of $27.50 (you must include your first month’s payment)”.

Showed a domain of “”, which shows whois of:

Official Internet Optimization Bureau Inc.
11th & Samuel Lewis Blvd
3rd Floor
Panama City,


Administrative Contact:
Melendez, Angel
11th & Samuel Lewis Blvd
3rd Floor
Panama City,
+1.5073941268 Fax: 000-000-0000

Technical Contact:
Melendez, Angel
11th & Samuel Lewis Blvd
3rd Floor
Panama City,
+1.5073941268 Fax: 000-000-0000

Registration Service Provider:
888 511 4678
310-314-1610 (fax)
This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 07-Apr-2006.
Record expires on 22-Mar-2007.
Record created on 22-Mar-2006.

Domain servers in listed order:

Physical address on the “invoice” was to a Postal Box in Brick NJ. USA



Junk Mail… toss it in the trash…


Strangely, I havent received any similar ‘registration’ requests for my domains, perhaps those involved do not consider us Australians worth bothering with. :slight_smile:

However, for each domain I registered with DreamHost, I did receive spam offering me ‘cheap’ hosting. Which at the time was about 4x the cost of hosting with DreamHost.


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I can understand them not bothering with Aussies. :slight_smile:

The requests I have received have all been for com/net domains and not any .uk domains. I suppose the hope is that in a busy office they will be seen as normal invoices to be paid and so renewals are made by mistake.



I suppose I asked for that. :slight_smile:

My domains are mostly .com, but as I said above, no fake requests for renewal (yet).

Yeah, I guess this is exactly what the perpetrators are hoping for.

I remember reading about a similar (non Internet) scam a while ago, where businesses received ‘invoices’ for paid advertising in non-existant or very small circulation publications. Many businesses just paid the invoices, assuming someone else in the organisation authorised the advertising.


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I apologise unreservedly for my cheap jibe! I may or may not have been drunk at the time!

There used to be the old scam of fax directory entries where false invoices were sent to offices where they were paid without noticing no fax directory entries had been made or entered.

I wonder why this Domain Registry of America is based in Canada. I would have thought they would have been booted out long ago?



Just got one today for two domains I own, from the same “Domain Registry of America.”

I guess FTC actions and whatnot aren’t slowing these guys down.

They even got the cajones to send out C&D letters to bloggers and other site owners who draw attention to the scammy nature of this marketing practice.