Domain registrations

Hi, I registered my free domain a month or 2 ago but whenever I try and access my site through it I get “page cannot be displayed” can anyone tell me how to set it up correctly please?

In addition to registering a domain, you also need to have to set up hosting for it. This may, or may not, have already been done for you, depending upon how you signed up. You can tell if this has already been done by seeing whether or not that domain is already listed on the Control Panel -> Domains ->Manage Domains screen.

If that domain is not listed there, just select the "Add a Domain /Sub-domain option, and complete the supplied form. Once that is done, it’s just a matter of putting your content on line.

Check out the DH Wiki article on Building A Website for a “quick-start” guide. :slight_smile: Good Luck!


I have the hosting sorted with dreamhosters and my .dreamhosters account works its just the free domain i got with teh account doesnt point to it.

If the domain you registered does show up in your “Manage Domain” screen, and that was set up one to two months ago, you should generate a support ticket, as something is llikely to be wrong.

If, however, you only added the domain to the hosting just now, it will take between several hours and 72 hours for the DNS to be updated.

We could tell more if you shared the domain name, so we could look up it’s DNS settings, ping it, etc.


I just reread your last post, and I think I now understand what you are saying; sorry for being “slow” in realizing your problem. :wink:

There are several ways you can have the “free domain” show the content of the * domain, and which one is best depends on several things.:

  1. Is your site static HTML?
  2. Did you use relative, rather than absolute, URL’s in your * site
  3. Are there “applications” (one-click installs, etc.) on the * site?

Depending on the answers to those questions, you could (simply re-name the directory to the same name the Control Panel shows as the “web directory” of the new hosted “free domain”); dempending on some of those answers it might be more complicated.


hi again im not sure i fully understand what you are asking as this is the first time i have hosted a site. I have phpbb as a one click install and it is heavily modified to fit in with my site (i have a new site on my localhost almost ready for release will things change if I add this?) my url is and the domain i registered is in control panel it shows everything as working fine but the .com address doesnt point to my .dreamhosters site. thanks for all the help.

Ok…If I understand you now, you have your “site” currently running on phpBB at, and you want it to run on If i have that correct, to do that you need to either:

  1. Move the application files from the directory to the directory, and modify the configuration files to reflect the new paths/urls.

  2. Rename the directory to, and modify the configuration files to reflect the new paths/urls. (this will kill the site)

  3. Use the control panel to redirect/mirror the domains so that visitors going to see the contents of the (not the best plan, IMHO).

As to whether any of this will necessitate changes in the site you are currently developing on your own box, that depends on what you are running. At the least you will need to make some changes regarding paths/db connections, etc.

If the “new” site you are developing is going to be what you ultimately want shown at the site, I’d suggest leaving the existing stuff as it is, and just uploading the new site to


ok I think I understand that now and will give it a try but as you suggested its not worth changing fully untill the new site is ready.

Thanks for all the help

No problem…good luck with your new site! :slight_smile: