Domain Registrations only lists 20

As I was skimming my domain registrations, it only shows the first 20. Is there a way to show the next page, or increase the number of domains it shows? I was able to see the last two by sorting by expiration date, but I was panicking for a bit because I thought I let a registration lapse.


There should be a set of paging links at the bottom of the page, starting with “Showing 20 domains, starting with …”. The link for the second page might look a little weird for you, owing to the name of the first domain on the second page.

Ah! Turns out that the next domain starts with the word “save,” which I thought was some sort of Save option. Thanks for clearing that up.


That’s the one – I just didn’t want to say anything too specific about your account in case you wanted to keep that private.